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How Clonebox protects your business

What would happen to your business if something suddenly happened to your server? If your server was one of the 9,000 servers affected by the fire at The Planet, how would that affect your company? Would your onsite backup have melted in the same fire? If your site was hosted at the Core IP datacenter when the FBI shut down the entire datacenter in a raid over a pirated copy of the Wolverine movie, how would your customers be affected? If you site was hacked, or someone made a mistake and deleted an important database? Do you have a tested, working backup, and how many days would it take to get new servers up and running and restore everything from magnetic tape?

Clonebox protects your business from hackers, mistakes, fire, flood, and all other risks. Clonebox keeps four extra copies of your complete server, in our datacenter, ready to serve your customers at any time.

How Clonebox works

Clonebox maintains four extra copies of your complete server and can take over for your main server at any time. If your site goes offline for any reason, the DNS entries can simply be switched over to serve your customers from the copy Clonebox made that morning. If files are inadvertently changed or a hacker damages something and the problem isn't caught immeditately, Clonebox can launch or restore the copy from the prior day, the prior week, or the prior month.

Annual datacenter failures

Year Company City Servers Affected Cause
2014 Bluehost & Hostgator Provo, Ut 250,000 Router failure
2013 Dreamhost Irvine, Ca 350,000 Power failure
2012 Godaddy Scottsdale, Az Millions DNS routing tables
2011 Amazon AWS Ashburn, Va ?00,000 Human error during upgrade
2010 Acronoc Houston, Tx HVAC failure , insolvency 1,000
2009 Core IP Dallas, Tx ? FBI search warrant
2008 The Planet / Rackshack Houston, Tx 9,000 Fire