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There are two options with Clonebox, both of which provide excellent value. Most customers will want the hot spare option, which allows the clone to be booted so that your customers are served from the clone during any downtime your primary server has. For small hobby sites or sites run on Windows servers, the cold backup option in available. Cold backup provides all of the advantages of the excellent Clonebox backup system, but backups are not bootable - the files must be restored onto a server in order to be used.

Both options are billed based on disk usage, the number of GBs of space your site uses. The hot spare option includes 200Gb for $30 per month, and each additonal 100 GB is $9. The backup only option includes 50 GB for $8 / month and $5 per addtional 50 GB.

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Typical Costs

Disk Usage (GB) Backup option Hot spare option
Wordpress blog (text) 25 $8 $30
e-Store 50 $8 $30
Photo Gallery 100 $13 $30
Video Gallery 300 $33 $39
Megasite 1,000 $65 $75